Hearing Loop Seminar

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SEMINAR: Why amplification is not enough and smart ways to overcome some listening barriers.

Hearing aid, cochlear implant, and bone-anchored hearing aid technologies have improved over the years, yet wearers still struggle with two main problems:

  1. Background Noise
  2. Distance

This FREE seminar will educate attendees about ways individuals, businesses and the community can reduce the negative effects of noise and distance. Seminar content includes:

  1. NexusBC programs and services for the community.
  2. Role of telecoils in hearing devices.
  3. How audio loops work and why they are needed in public spaces.
  4. Maximizing listening and speech – reading skills to improve communication.

A hearing loop system will be active at the seminar, for use with t-coils in attendees hearing aids, or via portable loop listening devices. Please bring your own earbuds.

Please contact us with the make and model number of your hearing aid / cochlear implant, and we will confirm whether your unit has a t-coil fitted. Email info@rockwellaudiology.ca

Rockwell Audiology Inc. at Vernon Library 2800 30th Avenue Vernon, BC V1T 2L8


Vernon Public Library
March 14, 2015 at 2-4 pm
NexusBC, Telecoils, Audio Loops, and LACE!
Spaces limited – Register today!


Visit EventBrite to get your free seat or e-mail info@rockwellaudiology.ca for more information.


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